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About Us

ARUSHAN Yogalingam

Owner / Operator

Xpress Lanka LLC

Who is Xpress Lanka, and What do we do?

Xpress Lanka is a Nevada, USA based technology developers. We have created an E-Commerce platform to cater all and any entrepreneurs, big or small to participate in selling their products to an international market starting with North America, Australia and other major destinations in Europe.

Our primary goal is to provide Sri Lankans the opportunity and the privilege to get their products across the waters while also promoting their business, brand name and their story in the simplest and technologically advanced methods, while building our nation’s foreign income and economy.

Xpress Lanka would simply act as a Trade facilitator and a referee to provide both Seller & Buyer a safe platform to conduct their transaction safely in compliance to all local and international laws, while continuously attracting new buyers from all around the world via World Wide Web.

Xpress Lanka would also take responsibility to coordinate with the seller to get their products shipped timely to international buyers to complete the service.

It is important that All Sellers go through a verification process provided on our website by entering their personal and business details, which would be authenticated in the back-end before they’re approved to display their products on our webpage. This step eliminates all and any illegitimate or spam activities, making Xpress Lanka e-commerce platform a safe space to our users.

How is Xpress Lanka unique from other E-Commerce platforms in Sri Lanka?

Xpress Lanka would be the very first e-commerce platform created focused on Exporting Sri Lankan commodities to an international market while promoting the Sellers, their businesses and stories, while majority of other e-commerce platforms in Sri Lanka is focused on selling imported items nationwide through local distribution methods.

Xpress Lanka branches out in 10 different categories mentioned below, making it, The First One-Stop-Shop for all authentic Sri Lankan products.

(categories: Antiques, Beauty & Health, Clothing Shoes Jewelry Fashion accessories, Electronic & Computer, Grocery Gourmet food & Alcohol/Non-Alcohol Beverages, Home & Garden, Music Books Stationary merchandise, Toys Kids & Baby products)

Our customer base is not limited to Sri Lankan community living overseas, but diversified to other South Asian, Asian, and Foreign communities.

What are the User-Friendly factors?

Xpress Lanka has made the exporting process easier for Sri Lankans than ever before. Everything is Online, and on tip of your fingers.

Seller have an easy sign-up process where they would provide Xpress Lanka their personal and business details after agreeing to our terms & condition. They would also provide us a copy of their NIC, Bank/ Utility statement via our portal to be authenticated as a legitimate Individual and or a Business. Every product that they upload will be monitored and assessed to meet Xpress Lanka’s high standards.

Sellers would be then provided with a Log-in to their Seller Portal to upload, manage their inventory, prices and accept or reject the orders that they receive real time from the buyers. This section would also display all the sales numbers, online visitors, customer reviews, tutorials on how to efficiently use the Seller Portal, While the business owners are given an opportunity to display their showroom/ factory infrastructure, and share their stories and images of their shop in the Profile section.

Buyers on the hand would also have a simple sign-up process to register and receive credentials to log-in to their Buyer-Portal. In this section, buyers can manage their shipping address, and manage their current and previous orders while managing coupons and referral benefits they’re provided within. Tutorial section of this portal would allow buyers to learn & maximize their buying experience in Xpress Lanka shopping platform.

All trade & transaction would be monitored and safely conducted within Xpress Lanka’s capacity to provide the best shopping experience with cutting edge technology & infrastructure. All payments would be processed online with our financial partners.

All logistics and warehousing facilitations would be provided by Xpress Lanka while primarily growing Sri Lanka’s largest public sector – EMS via Sri Lankan Postal Services. We also provide faster shipping through UPS & Fedex to elite customers at a premium rate.